How accenteasy can help improve English pronunciation


accenteasy helps non-native speakers of English improve pronunciation and speak with a clear accent.

Other applications rely on speakers to analyse their pronunciation by manually comparing them to recordings. accenteasy automatically compares a person's voice to a library of 25,000 British English (also known as Received Pronunciation or RP for short) recordings. This feature of accenteasy is significant as it enables speakers to identify and learn sounds (phonemes) that may not exist in their own language. Other features of the tool include detailed feedback, tips, lessons, reports, graphs and sharing of information with others.
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The one month challenge

At accenteasy we like to regularly challenge our customers to use the app for one month to see just how much can they improve by.

This allows us to fine tune the app and find provide new features to continually improve the machine learning algorithms behind the SaaS platform and app.

See how much our customers improved in just one month

What now?

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Or subscribe to the professional version with structured lessons to help you improve faster by focusing your learning on common issues experienced by non-native speakers.